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Beat Analytics System

Constructing Proactive Care Environments

The Beat Analytics System (BAS) is a near real-time remote monitoring platform capable of integrating data from a variety of medical instruments and presenting nurses with a cohesive patient profile designed to support nurse decision making, enhance patient insight, and aid in the discovery of adverse events.​

BAS connects to existing medical instruments through proprietary and specialized attachments which can aggregate data at speeds of up to once per minute.


This allows us to unlock new and valuable metrics which healthcare practitioners can use to understand their patient, such as IV back pressure, or load cell variations in beds.

Beat Analytics System
Data Frequency
Once per minute at consistent intervals
Once per hour (ICU) or once/2h (non-ICU)
Data Homogeneity
Constant homogeneous measurements
Dependent on nurse inputting values
Data Accuracy
Errors prevented since data is captured directly from medical device
Prone to transcription errors
Aggregated Data
Vital Signs, IV, Bed Scales. Future: EMR demographics/genealogy
Vital Signs, EMR Demographics/Genealogy
Adverse Event Label*
Allows retrospective label input
Not inputted
AI output*
Minute/Minute outputs
Hourly Outputs
Inpatient & Outpatient
Inpatient only
User Interface
Lumori Mobile App
Outdated desktop EMR interfaces

*Feature in development

Beat Analytics System is the future's AI + ML platform

With the immensely powerful data collected by the Beat Analytics System, we can begin looking at the minute changes in a patient’s vital signs throughout their hospitalization, potentially shedding light on new microtrends within medicine.

Additional medical device integration + full EMR integration.

  • EMR integration would help alleviate problems with data entry into EMRs (reduction of transcription and timing errors).

  • adaptive boundary conditions and small machine learning functionality so the BAS could “learn” about the patient.

Integration of specific AE prevention systems.

  • building upon the datasets collected in the first two iterations and start building high frequency sepsis anticipation algorithms, bed exit algorithms, etc.

Generalized AE anticipation & Real-time remote monitoring platform

This version would look at more adverse events than one and determine the patient’s likelihood for each.

This device is for Investigational Use Only.  The performance characteristics of this product have not been established. All performance claims listed are project goals only.  This device is not yet available for use in the US and is pending submission and clearance by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Implement the
Beat Analytics System!

See Darroch's Beat Analytics System Case Studies

Explore our 2 Case studies showcasing the Beat Analytics System, including Bedfall Prevention and Pneumonia patient care.

Lumori App

Mobile, real-time data is the key to giving nurses the best chance at giving their patients the optimal quality of care.

By harnessing cloud technology and the data collected by the Beat Analytics System, multiple healthcare practitioners can easily understand the status of their patient’s medical devices wherever they are in the hospital, as if they were always with the patient, with a mobile application, Lumori.

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