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The Beat Analytics System: The New Golden Standard of Patient Monitoring

The Beat Analytics System: a remote monitoring platform capable of integrating data from a variety of medical instruments and presenting nurses with a cohesive patient profile designed to support nurse decision making, enhance patient insight, and reduce the incidence of adverse events. 



Know exactly how all of your patients are progressing without even having to be in the room, with all their data being streamed to your phone in real time.

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Compare data from different medical devices one one simple, easy-to-read screen with metric-specific bounds.



Set bounds to be notified when a patient needs to be attended to. Hate false alarms? Now you can see if it's urgent.

More Efficient Nurse Hours

Non-Patient Specific Tasks

Patient Specific Analytics

Manual Transcription of Data

A Better Workflow

Empty IV Bag Changes

Mobile, real-time data is the key to giving nurses the best chance at giving their patients the optimal quality of care:

Enhanced Early Warning Systems: Abnormal Vital Sign Fluctuations are often a precursor to potential Adverse Events.

Reduce Alarm Fatigue: Know why an alarm is sounding without having to be in the room. Get up to date information to see why an alarm sounded in the first place.

Patient Focus: Spend less time on having to do non-patient specific tasks. Spend more time on doing what matters for your patient.

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