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Lumori App

Timely Patient Insights
in the Palm of your Hands

Lumori provides all of the Beat Analytics System’s data right in the palm of your hands. From the time a medical device makes a reading, the BAS can display it in just ten seconds.

Home Screen Displaying Patient Metric Status.png
Mobile, near real-time data is the key to giving nurses the best chance at giving their patients the optimal quality of care.

Enhanced Early Warning Systems: Abnormal Vital Sign Fluctuations are often a precursor to potential Adverse Events.

Reduce Alarm Fatigue: Know why an alarm is sounding without having to be in the room or at a Central Nursing Station. Get up to date information to see why an alarm sounded in the first place.

Patient Focus: Spend less time on having to do non-patient specific tasks. Spend more time on doing what matters for your patient.

With Lumori, users can know important vital signs metrics, how long an infusion has until its empty, and the graphical history of any numerical data, all of which can enable a proactive care environment and supplement practitioner workflows.


Better yet, instead of having to sift through an Electronic Medical Record, Lumori was developed with nurses and physicians to create an intuitive user interface that travels with you wherever you are in the hospital.

This device is for Investigational Use Only.  The performance characteristics of this product have not been established. All performance claims listed are project goals only.  This device is not yet available for use in the US and is pending submission and clearance by the United States Food and Drug Administration.


“Simply showing me the time remaining on an IV makes this so useful already.”

Scripps Stepdown Nurse

“We have a lot of alarms sounding but nothing to tell us why the alarm is sounding.”

University of Toledo Medical Center Stepdown Nurse

“I want to know how my patients are doing without having to sift through an EMR, or asking someone else.”

Kaweah Health Medical CenterPhysician

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Explore our 2 Case studies showcasing the Lumori & the Beat Analytics System, including Bedfall Prevention and Pneumonia patient care.

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