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Medical AI Platform

By harnessing AI & Machine Learning, Darroch's Beat Analytics System
is the future of Adverse Event anticipation.

The Challenge of using Machine Learning & AI
for Adverse Events

Developing effective machine learning algorithms requires a vast amount of data sets with consistent measurements, proper frequency of data measurement, and a label of the event onset. Unfortunately, most data sets in electronic medical records and publicly available databases do not meet these criteria.

Current machine learning algorithms tend to be developed on data sets with significant noise, variation in meaningful data, and latency between measurements. This can lead to inaccurate outputs, untimely outputs, alarm fatigue, and frustration among users.

Darroch Medical Solutions is gathering the data and creating a unique platform to solve this problem.

Better resolution, in abundance.

Our solutions collect data at high frequencies (up to once per minute), with consistent measurements, and true labeling, providing a comprehensive understanding of the patient's condition required to use for AI and ML processing.


This allows for a more granular model that can intake data and produce patient-specific outputs at reliable frequencies.

Individual-Specific Algorithms

By leveraging the high-quality data collected by the Beats Analytics System, we can build a proxy of the patient’s physiology and tailor machine learning and AI algorithms to each individuals unique body.


With integration of additional demographic and genealogy data, we can begin to fill in the gaps in medical information with pharmocodynamics, demographic predispositions to comorbidities, and more.

We believe the use of high frequency and accurate data can create a powerful adverse event anticipation system that may supplement nurse intuition, improve workflows, and aid in more timely adverse event anticipation.

Beat Analytics System In Action:
Sepsis Recognition 

We are looking for Investors.

Are you interested in our mission of helping improve hospital care, and creating the future of Medical AI platforms?

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Inpatient & Outpatient solutions

This device is for Investigational Use Only.  The performance characteristics of this product have not been established. All performance claims listed are project goals only.  This device is not yet available for use in the US and is pending submission and clearance by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

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